3 exercises for the sexy six pack like a VS model

No, even if we sweat daily in the gym, we will not get a hammer figure like Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt. Unfortunately. But that's where the genes and our stature resist. We will not be able to stretch our legs and narrow our hipbones. But we can work on our muscles. These can be defined by targeted training. Especially on the stomach, the weak spot of most of us. As the small Speckringerl collects, as the fabric is a little softer. So we looked at how the supermodels get in shape before the Victoria's Secret Show. First of all: The abdominal workout only brings something, if you repeat it regularly. With a repetition per week will do little. With three workouts in seven days but a lot!

The abdominal workout of the Victoria's Secret model

A real hardcore exercise! You need: an exercise ball and a mat. Sit down in the gym or at home near a wall on the floor. Now you angle the crossed legs and lift them about 10 centimeters above the ground. Alone, that will make your abs burn! It gets even more violent. Now you bounce the gym ball against the wall, so it bounces back to you. Catch, transfer to the other side of your body, pepper up against the wall again. EXTREME! And again you need the gym ball. Support your legs at right angles on the ball. Lie back and put your hands on the back of your head. Attention: The sit-ups should be performed by your abdominal muscles. Your hands should not pull your head up. Exercises abdominal muscles AND the butt: A variant of the planking, which is made even more difficult by the unstable gym ball. By attempting to balance, additional muscle groups are activated.