Gym etiquette


With a bit of respect, everyone in the gym is happy. Be on time.
Time management. During the workout, we want to work on our figure, but also work off the daily stress and recharge your batteries. If you fall into a class too late, that does not only cause general uproar, it also makes it harder to get rid of your own stress. Therefore, be there with courses always a few minutes before the start. Take care.
Silence please. Especially in quiet, meditative sports such as yoga or Pilates it is also about concentration and inner focus. Many want to adjust to the class or already meditate a bit. Therefore please be quiet in the classroom. An update with the girlfriend and other conversations can also be conducted in the anteroom. The same applies to the class. Appropriate clothing.
Sport outfit. In the gym you go to training, this is not a catwalk. Scarce bustiers, string thangas and the like have lost nothing there. Conversely, no oversize T-shirts and long jogging pants can be hidden anyway. Ideal: Specially designed sportswear in the right size. And do not forget the Sportbra. If it wobbles too much, it is also uncomfortable for yourself. Do not forget: During training you sweat. So then off with the outfit in the washing machine. Clean thing.
Keep order. No one likes it when he still finds welding traces from his predecessor on his device. Therefore: always wipe the devices after use. Most studios offer disinfectants and paper. If you practice sitting, put a towel under it. In the shower remove your own hair and look at the make-up that the powder is not distributed everywhere. Stay in the river.
Unlock devices. When exercising, nobody feels like standing up for a long time. Therefore, make the exercise sets always compact and as coherent as possible and then release the device again. Should a longer break between two sets be necessary, let others take the train in between.

Don 'ts.

Moan and runny nose: the no-gos in the fitness center. Private matter.
Discretion. Oh yes, of course it's incredibly important how the best friend's promising flirtation develops. Or what the guy just made for a nonsense. But is it really that important that the whole room needs to overhear? Therefore: private topics also discuss privately, whether from person to person or on the phone. That has nothing to do in the gym! Perfume-free zone.
Smell thing. Of course we want to go through the day with a good smell. But when it comes to workouts, your favorite fragrance can be too much. Because when sweating, the acid mantle of the skin and thus the smell changes. Also, it is easier to irritation. But pure nature is not the solution either. If the day was so long: just before the workout in the shower. You also train much better afterwards. Noise pollution.
Stay calm. Oh yes, we are really brave, that we are struggling with so much weight. But does our groan really have to draw attention to the last in the room? Better not. Therefore: loud groaning and sigh not even get used to it. The same is true with singing. Even if the sound in the headphones still drives like that – loud to smash is taboo. Accept private room.
No advice. It is true. Sometimes we see people exercising, doing the exercises so badly that there may even be a risk of injury. Nevertheless, nobody is entitled to give uninvited advice to others. Only fitness center instructors should draw attention to potential workout errors. Therefore, if in doubt, a coach to point out – after all, this is his job. No germicide.
Recuperate. Not every little chill is an excuse to skip the workout. But when your nose runs like a stream and you cough like a rattling chainsaw, it's time to stay home. So you get fit faster and do not infect anyone with their germs.