Magazine tests: Powerplate – vibration plates under test

The editors Melanie Zingl and Katharina Domiter meet with Coach Liliana in one of Austria's 120 studios. And here we go! The trainer throws the powerplates. The device hums and vibrates. Acts on the two at first something threatening. The reporters, however, are not intimidated by the quake and swing bravely on the plate. Hardly on the device, the head wobbles, the teeth rattle and the nostrils tremble – not so easy to concentrate on the instructions of the trainer. Even the vocal cords lurch with: "Me-he-la-ha-nie-hie, wi-hi-he-h -h -llt di-hi-r da-has?" Kathi whispers, while colleague Melanie chuckles ticked off: "Ma-ha-l wa-ha-s ga-ha-nz a-ha-ande-he-res!" Anna Netrebko would go green with envy in such a perfect vibrato …

Katharina (front) and Melanie in action.

The training with the Power Plate

In 45-second intervals come new exercise instructions: sit-ups, push-ups, lunge. The vibrations go through all the limbs and make the workout exhausting. "The Powerplate claims muscle parts that are hardly ever used," says Coach Liliana. After ten minutes of biting through but is also the pleasant part: Massage! In various positions, Melanie and Kathi place themselves on the device and let themselves – this time without effort – shake properly. Gorgeous! All in all, it's a sport that can be done quickly, that can be quite challenging in between, and whether the short session is perfect for lunch break training.

Review of Power Plate Training

  • Mood Barometer: Here are women among themselves! The on-site Powerplate coaches motivate and help you to do the exercises properly – in individual training or in a group unit.
  • Fitness factor: Power Plate is the ideal training program for sports beginners.
  • Effect: Forms the body, improves posture, coordination and, above all, flexibility.
  • Calorie consumption: Approximately 300 kcal per unit (20 minutes).