Short fitness exercises

Jumping Jacks
Stand upright, legs are closed, arms are resting on the body. Jump apart, raise your arms at the same time and clap your head over your head. Jump back together and lower your arms. Do not jump too far and too high, do the exercise as fast as possible.
Bulgarian Split Squats
Stand upright, place the left instep on the seat of a chair. The lower leg is parallel to the floor, knees bent about 120 °, hands on the side of the body support. Bend right knee until the left almost touches the ground. Raising up again. Feel stretching in the left front thigh. Change page.
Sit ups
Lie on your back, bend your legs, your feet are about hip-width. Angles your arms, put your hands to your temples. The lumbar spine presses to the floor. Now roll up in a fluid motion, do not tear! The power comes from the stomach. Pull the navel inward, the back stays as straight as possible all the time.
Upright, legs are hip-width, arms on the body. Pull navel inward, lower shoulders, push out chest. Lower the butt until thighs are parallel to the floor. Knee push slightly outward. At the same time arms straight forward stretch. Back stays straight.
Mountain Climbers
Go into push-up position, arms are stretched. Po is slightly higher than in classic push ups. First pull the left, then the right leg under the body towards the shoulder. Do the exercise as fast as possible until you get a nearly jumping motion, like walking on the floor. Tense stomach, do not sag.