With Yoga for Depression & Stress

You do not like sweaty workouts, but still want to be active? Then maybe yoga is your sport. The combination of postures, slow movements and breathing exercises train strength, flexibility, balance and muscle endurance without blowing you out! Ideal for beginners is our Yoga for Beginner Course: Trainer Ina facilitates the entry into the 5,000-year-old Indian teaching in the 40-minute practice video. Take the first step to more balance – and incidentally burn at least 230 calories! You want to reduce your stress level through yoga? Then try this or 300 more fitness classes at the leading online gym, NewMoove, at your very own home, now for a week at newmoove.com. Good mood with the sun salutation. The fact that yoga, with its holistic approach, is good not only for the body but also for the soul, has even been scientifically proven. According to American researchers, yoga has even a similar effect on our minds as antidepressants. In the subjects who regularly practiced, the blood serotonin level was much higher, the damage caused by stress and inflammatory markers lower. Already two to three hours a week are sufficient to lift the mood measurably. You became curious? Then try over 300 courses now for a week for free. Sign up for our partner NewMoove, and work out at home in front of your TV, PC or tablet. Try one week for free at newmoove.com.