12 symptoms of breast cancer – illustrated by lemons </title>

Every 8th woman in Austria falls ill with breast cancer in the course of her life. The sooner the disease is recognized, the higher the chances of recovery. Therefore, it is so important that you know your own breast well and regularly examine yourself and scan. What should one really pay attention to? Are there any symptoms or symptoms that may suggest breast cancer? Yes! The organization Worldwide Breast Cancer has come up with something special: Nowadays, when you reach people best via Facebook, you have created a picture that combines 12 possible symptoms of breast cancer. But Facebook has come to sad celebrity, because too often pictures of breasts has been deleted again, as they would be considered offensive, while showing only natural processes, such as breastfeeding a baby or just instructions for self-examination as breast cancer prevention wanted. But how do I present a breastless breast? With lemons! And so this picture of 12 lemons could save lives! Because it clearly shows how breast cancer can look or feel. Most people do not know these signs and do not know what to look for, but thanks to the lemons, they can recognize them better and go to a doctor in time.

Here are the 12 changes in breast cancer listed again (in principle, changes may also be a sign of hormonal changes or an infection and must not automatically be a sign of cancer, but should you notice any of the following points on your breasts, you should still be sure to have medical check-up!):

  • swelling
  • deepening
  • skin lesions
  • Redness or heat
  • liquid outlet
  • small indentations in the skin
  • bump
  • protruding veins
  • indented nipple
  • changed appearance or size of the breast
  • orange peel
  • inside tactile, hard knot