5 reasons why boredom is good

Of course, the smartphone makes our lives easier, information more accessible – just a little more stressful. Why should we just go for a walk, ride a subway or sit around in a cafй if we can tweet, facebooken or pinterest instead? Unfortunately, the truth is, we're not programmed to be in "on" mode all the time – and the constant overstimulation has a negative impact on our health, ranging from increased levels of stress, diminished ability to focus and creativity, to online Addiction can reach. "Our solution? The good old boredom! "Taking your time for boredom (and we're not talking about stamp sorting or playing chess), taking a break from friends, activities and technology is the best thing you can do for your health. In the beginning, doing nothing will be difficult for you, and you may even become lopsided and nervous. But the self-imposed deceleration will have a long-term positive impact on your productivity, creativity and your stress level. Turn your phone and TV off and take a break from your body and mind. 5 reasons why boredom is good: You become more creative again. Instead of damning boredom as a waste of time, you should consider it as a refreshment for your brain. The time-out from the constant stimulation through TV, social networks or e-mail gives you the opportunity to think again – and thus to think more creatively. Neuroscientific studies have also found that daydreaming activates the same brain regions that are responsible for imagination and creativity. You will not be addicted to internet. Online gambling is now a serious phenomenon that does not just affect player nerds. First signs of addictive behavior: You'll be grumpy if you can not check your mails, if you keep looking at your phone, if you've got another message, if you can not survive three minutes without looking at the Facebook timeline. According to doctors, internet addiction can lead to depression, disturbed eating habits and lack of sleep. So the next time you have an hour or so break for five minutes, put the phone in your pocket and let it relax you. You discover new hobbies and interests. Think of all the extra time and the wonderful peace you have when you're just fad. Use the resulting energy to learn or discover something new – activities that you actively practice. You will hardly find suggestions on Instagram or Facebook . There you are only a passive consumer. Your ability to concentrate increases. Doing nothing and just let your mind wander. Little helps to focus and question things. Am I really happy? What do I want to do? The effect: Your ability to concentrate when you return to work has increased massively. Research shows that these conscious breaks have a positive effect on sleep, diet success and emotional stability. You reduce the stress. Scientifically proven: An adventure holiday or city trip is indeed food for the soul – the rest he serves only conditionally. Those who really need relaxation from stress should just bum in the sun for a week or two and do nothing. The same applies to normal working days. The phone is turned off in the evening, the TV is off. Instead we go away. By boring ourselves.