5 tips for more confidence

There are people who have no problem with being self-confidently in the public eye and speaking out. But watch out! This has nothing to do with the self-confidence of this person. This is about the success you have with yourself: self-esteem, self-acceptance and thus a better self-esteem. No matter what origin, what education or gender you have. With these 5 tips, you can boost your self-confidence. dreams come true
Famous movie producer Walt Disney once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." What he means is that if you want something, you first have to be able to imagine it. Ask yourself the following questions: What is my big wish? What makes me happy? Then think over and over again how your great wish comes true. Imagine how successful you are. The trick: Your subconscious does not know what imagination and what is reality and so the foundation for the fulfillment of your wishes is laid. So, daydream calmly and think over and over again successful scenes. Who am I?
Important to work on your self-confidence, is that you discover yourself first. Ask yourself the following questions: Who am I? How do I see myself? What do I like about myself? What do not I like about myself? What are you already very proud of and what would you like to do better? Daydreams are of no use to you if you think inwardly "I can not do that anyway". You certainly have fears and complexes in some areas of life. There are certainly things that you can do very well. Dedicate yourself to positive things and accept yourself the way you are. Close peace with you. Be aware that no one in the world is perfect. Everyone can do something good and that's the beauty of the people. That's how you get self-confidence. Negatives become positives
If you ask yourself these questions (above), "Who am I?" Then you will repeatedly encounter negative beliefs about yourself. You will notice how bad you actually think about yourself. "I'm not attractive enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not talented in language, I can not do with numbers." Stand in front of the mirror and try to compliment yourself. If you can not do it, sit down and write down what goes through your mind – what you have to tell yourself. Have you written down a whole page full of negative remarks about you? Great! These are now simply converted into positive comments. "I'm not attractive enough" becomes "I'm an attractive, desirable woman." "I'm not fluent in language" becomes "I can learn everything I want." Take a new piece of paper for this and formulate everything. If you then criticize yourself again, read the new, positive statements about you. Deal with it and remember that your subconscious mind takes it. Out with self-deception
If you've turned your negative beliefs into positive ones, you might think, "Stop, that's all self-deception!" And yes, you are right – a legitimate objection. However, how do you know that your negative beliefs are not self-deception? Negative criticism sabotages your self-confidence, so silence your inner critic and read through your rewritten beliefs daily. It will take you about 4 weeks to get used to working with the new beliefs about yourself. And it certainly takes 8 weeks until you really believe in yourself. Building self-confidence is often a life's work. Do not worry, that's the way it is for everyone. Stop acting
From now on you should approach new people with this thought: "I am as I am." This also applies to existing contacts. The important thing is that you honestly show who you are. If you are rather shy then do not try to play the over-self-conscious bird of paradise. It is better if you accept your own weaknesses and put your strengths in the right light. Everyone has a different strength! Be authentic, accept yourself and people will envy you for your self-confidence. Tip: Look in the mirror every morning, get upright, smile and say, "I'm a great person – just like me."