Alcohol and its myths

Schnapps stimulates the digestion
After a sumptuous meal, a glass of schnapps is often offered. The reason: schnapps is to stimulate the digestion and combat the feeling of fullness. And thats how it is! After the Schnapserl the stomach muscles are briefly relaxed and thus the feeling of fullness felt less strong. But on digestion, the high-percentage alcohol has no effect.
However, coffee, beer and wine can stimulate the stomach acid and its production, which can also positively influence digestion. Beer lets men grow breasts
This claim is only partially correct that an enlargement of the male mammary glands is caused by a disruption of the hormone balance in favor of female sex hormones. Since liver damage – which can be caused by too much alcohol – just these female sex hormones are no longer completely eliminated, the breasts enlarge. But not only organic causes, but also the hop phytoestrogens and fat deposits can play a role in male breast growth. Eat greasy before drinking!
The "right underlay" is for many the A & O before the celebration! Therefore, the party-motivated often resort to very high-fat dishes such as burgers, fries or pizza. And that's not so stupid, because actually fat food delays the intake of the alcohol, because the alcohol and the food mix in the stomach. Since this mixture has to digest significantly longer, the alcohol enters the intestine and the bloodstream later. Thickness tolerates more than thinness
Unfortunately, this myth is not quite right! Because the alcohol is distributed in the blood, which means that the amount of blood and not the body weight alone are to blame, whether you tolerate more or less. In addition, other factors are added, such as the physical constitution and daily constitution, and the type and amount of alcohol. From beer you get a beer belly
Beer lovers do not need to be afraid, because this myth is only partially correct. The "beer belly" is not caused by beer alone. Although a glass of beer is not exactly low in calories, it depends on the overall lifestyle of a person, whether a beer belly forms or not. So if you pay attention to your diet and exercise regularly, you do not have to be afraid of a beer belly if you use a controlled beer.

Red wine is healthy
This myth is right! Indeed, red wine – drunk in moderation – protects against heart and blood vessel diseases. A repairer always helps
A beer the day after the party is for many people the panacea for headaches and other hangovers. But in truth, it helps only briefly, because the renewed alcohol intake delays the degradation of the alcohol, but this effect is not lasting and since the alcohol must be eventually reduced, this is not spared. Do not drink drinks
"Beer on wine, let it be, wine on beer, I'll advise you"
This well-known saying is absolutely not true. As with all alcoholic drinks, the order of the drinks is completely irrelevant. Also, that different sorts of alcohol to drink mixed up, the hangover the next day to make worse, is not quite correct. Because for the hangover, the quantity and quality of the consumed, alcoholic drinks are decisive. Sparkling wine & co accelerate the intoxication
Carbonated drinks such as sparkling wine should develop their effect more quickly and that is correct! Why? Because the carbon dioxide stimulates the circulation of the gastric mucosa and thus the alcohol can be absorbed faster.