Bad Breath: The 6 most common causes

Logical: If you steam a portion of delicious scampi in garlic, shovel humus or tsatsiki into you, then your breath will smell a little more severe for at least a day. But there are a few other causes of halitosis besides konfeligem food – such as halitosis (for connoisseurs, the technical term for that unpleasant smelly odor caused by the bacterial build-up in the mouth and between the teeth). We have collected the 6 most common culprits for you. And after the reading, you probably leave with the feeling of running into the bathroom very quickly … medicines. Do not worry, your headache remedy does not automatically cause bad breath. But many medicines have the side effect that your mouth dries up faster. Saliva is badly needed to wash the nasty bacteria off your teeth and tongue. The less you produce, the smoother your breath gets. Respiratory infections. A bronchitis, pneumonia or just a cold can be the cause of the stench. According to a report by Science & Health , this is due to the nasal and sinus secretions, which reach the mouth and throat and cause bad breath. Mouth breathing. If you breathe during the night with your mouth open, not only is there a risk of drooling, but your breath will also smell worse. The reason for this? Much like the drugs mentioned above, the mouth dries faster, bacteria are not washed away – muffle is created. Obesity. A 2013 medical study found that in the gut of obese people, 30 percent more of those organisms that release a foul-smelling gas during decomposition. The result: increased bad breath. Too little carbohydrates. Fans of the Atkins diet know the technical term "ketosis". This refers to the process in which the body uses fat and proteins for energy burning due to the lack of sufficient carbohydrates. In this process, the body releases numerous chemicals that cause a rather foul-smelling breath. And this can unfortunately not even eliminate with a toothbrush and mouthwash. Medical reasons. Halitosis can also be an indication of a medical problem. If your breath has a slightly fishy component, you may have kidney problems. A fruit note may indicate diabetes. Halitosis from stomach acid can be an indication of chronic heartburn. Many types of cancer also cause a foul breath. Therefore, if persistent bad breath, consult a doctor.