Beauty OP: 3D computer simulation

Patients today usually know exactly what they want. Nevertheless, the doctor still has a lot of educational work to do. Because the idea and the real feasible do not always match. The doctors of the Black Clinic, Dr. med. Johann Umschaden and Dr. med. Helmut Hoflehner (, therefore work with a completely new 3D computer simulation. "Up to now, a large device has always been needed to create an image of the body, but this new software works quite simply via a scanner attachment on the iPad, on which model surgical changes or breast implants can be displayed and adapted," enthuses Hoflehner. The advantage: You can also view the computer result on the phone and thus approach the new look. But there are many more developments in the field of plastic surgery, and surgery is booming. Dr. Johann Umschaden explains why this is so, why a surgeon should also be a psychologist and where the potential of the future lies.

Dr. Helmut Hoflehner works with the latest generation of a 3D simulator that shows the desired surgical result. WOMAN: One gets the impression that minimally invasive methods are booming, surgeries are decreasing. Is that correct? Umschaden: No, not at all. The interventions have become much more. There are many treatments today that do not cut, even with nice results. But not always, the effectiveness is limited. If there is too much tissue, this can only be eliminated by cutting away. WOMAN: But is not there a danger that it looks unnatural? Umschaden: No, the result becomes much more uniform and natural from a certain degree of relaxation. In the past, you just put clothes where you hung something. But we do not perceive only tightness as beautiful, it is about a full, youthful form. Therefore, you have to reform during surgery, so bring the volume back where it has disappeared by sinking. This achieves the young, fresh look. We strive very much for detailed advice. As a surgeon you have to be a connoisseur of people. WOMAN: Do you have an example? Umschaden: Many patients come to us because they bother something, because it means to find out in the conversation, what exactly. An OP is not always the right way. I had a patient who wanted a new nose, although her was very beautiful. She became terribly angry when I asked what the problem was. Eventually it turned out that her friend did not like the nose. Three months later she broke up with him and kept her nose. And was very happy about it. WOMAN: Where do you currently see the greatest future potential in your field? Umschaden: There is huge progress in stem cell research. You can already breed subcutaneous tissue in the test tube today. There are also many options for plastic surgery, especially in the treatment of scars and burns. That's a big aesthetic issue.