Can you make up for sleep on the weekend?

What was that again for a week! Two evening appointments, a meeting with friends (Prosecco!) And a presentation that kept you awake into the wee hours. Anyway, now comes the weekend, now you can catch up on the missed sleep … Can you? It is an everlasting debate: Can a wonderful Sunday-morning break-up make up for all the missing sleep of the busy week?

Right or wrong: Can you make up for sleep?

Unfortunately, no. You can not make up for sleep. Because sleep is not like a bank. You can not accumulate debts and repay them later. "Our brain," sleep researcher Matthew Walker from the Center for Sleep Research at the University of Berkeley says, "unfortunately has no ability to recover lost sleep." Damn it.

So how do you make sure you are well rested anyway?

By trying to get up at the same time every day. Walker advises: Even on the weekends (gulp!). And no matter when you came to bed the night before (triple gulp!). That way, your inner clock stays balanced, so you can fall asleep better and deeper the next night, for a better quality sleep. Why you stay relatively relaxed despite lack of sleep.