Cause of cravings

We all know that: A cold is coming, and suddenly we can not get enough of citrus fruits. Or: After a sporting day, we need salty food. Things that we have used during training and that the body wants to have back now. A clever strategy of our organism. The desire for certain foods can therefore be healthy. So the body regulates its supply itself? In principle, yes, but often we confuse, what are physical needs and what are mental. The spiciness of the body is already very clouded by the food industry, which adds substances to the food. But in principle instinct shows us what we should and should not eat. Chocolate, Gummy & Co: The happiness hormone serotonin ensures well-being. It communicates satisfaction and relaxation to the cells. If the neurotransmitter in the brain and in the stomach is short, lousy mood widens. The body craves treats that make up the hormone. We access to chocolate. Figure-friendly are walnuts or vanilla. It can also be zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency (white spots on the fingernails). If our blood sugar level is too low, we will be limp and unfocused. Sugary foods quickly boost blood sugar levels. Tip: do not skip meals! Pickled gherkin, eggs and fatty foods: Not only pregnant women are affected by the desire to pickle gherkin. Even people who produce too little stomach acid, like to sour. That's a good thing, the stomach needs the acid for digestion. Tip: Drink a glass of water with fresh lemon juice before the meal, which boosts the energy recovery! Eggs to your heart's content are healthy and do not increase cholesterol levels. The egg yolk it contains is a top supplier of lecithin, the nutrient that is as important to the brain as it is to the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein. Tip: Children who are anxious and restless need a lot of lecithin! Due to fat, the energy supply is continuous. The eating distances can be extended so. Tip: Avocado salad for lunch keeps hunger until the evening at the gates. Citrus and Liquid: An increased grip on citrus and vitamin and mineral rich foods is a natural and well-developed instinct of our organism. If a cold is coming, then the body requires more antioxidants.
Tip: eat fruit rather than after the meal and only in the first half of the day. Then it is easier to digest! Always look for a wide range of nutritional supplements, it should contain several nutrients. An almost insatiable thirst can be a high blood sugar level. Have this examined by the doctor. What hypoglycemic effect: regular exercise (three to four times a week for 30 minutes each), balanced mixed diet, abstaining from alcohol … Pepper, chili & and everything spicy: pepper activates the entire body. It stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal and has a stimulating effect. In addition, sharp substances stimulate digestion by stimulating the circulation in the stomach and intestine and luring the digestive secretions.