Cheese can help you lose weight!

A spicy Gruyere, a buttery Gouda, a delicately melting Camenbert … We are in the cheese heaven. Because instead of spending longer with chia seeds and some Kцrndlzeug, we now celebrate the most surprising and delicious superfood of all time: Kдддддддддддse! Because after a long semi-demonization (too fat!), Our addictive agent cheese is now suddenly celebrated by nutrition experts again because of its positive effects on the body.

How cheese can help you lose weight

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition just released a new study, which suggests that regular consumption of hard and full-fat cheeses promotes the increase in HDL cholesterol – improving blood flow and preventing vascular calcification. In addition, cheese protects against cardiovascular diseases and – now it comes – metabolic disorders! The again can lead to diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism and hypofunction, gout or just overweight. Sure, of course, the fat portion cheese fondue or your pizza with double-cheese are now no light food. But some parmesan shaved over the salad or a few slices of Vorarlberg mountain cheese are only good for your body. (Here are the best cheese recipes!)

How much calories and fat does cheese have?

You want to know how many calories and fat content your favorite cheese contains? Here's how the list of the most common cheeses – all figures are for a 30 gram serving:

  • Mountain cheese (45% fat in tr.): 115 kcal, 9 g fat
  • Brie (50% fat per day): 101 kcal, 8 g fat
  • Butter cheese (60% fat in tr.): 114 kcal, 10 g fat
  • Camembert (70% fat per day): 122 kcal, 12 g fat
  • Cheddar (50% fat per day): 118 kcal, 10 g fat
  • Edam (45% fat per day): 106 kcal, 8 g fat
  • Feta (45% fat per day): 71 kcal, 6 g fat
  • Gorgonzola (55% fat in tr.): 107 kcal, 9 g fat
  • Gouda (48% fat per day): 110 kcal, 9 g fat
  • Harz cheese (10% fat in tr.): 39 kcal, less than 1 g fat
  • Maasdamer (45% fat per day): 107 kcal, 8 g fat
  • Mozzarella (40% fat in tr.): 76 kcal, 6 g fat
  • Parmesan (37% fat in tr.): 114 kcal, 6 g fat
  • Tilsiter (45% fat per day): 107 kcal, 8 g fat