Clever breast cancer campaign plays with Facebook prudery

"Check it, before it's removed" – this is the slogan of a new campaign, which is presented thanks to various German celebrities on Facebook and Instagram. On it you can see many different women, all of whom show their breasts. To draw attention to the topic of breast cancer. But not only because of the "sex sells" principle, but above all because of the fact that most social networks seem to be scared of so many human parts of the body and they are deleted from the official side within a very short time. Thanks to this prudery, one generates almost double attention for an important topic: who is faster? Your click or remove by Facebook? Your regular scan or removal of your breast due to cancer.

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Breast cancer affects us all: even young women and even men are affected

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in our western world: one in eight women gets sick during their lifetime. The earlier you recognize the cancer, the better the chances of recovery. Early on, breast cancer is in most cases a well-treated disease and the risk of the cancer spreading is low. Therefore, regular self-scanning of the breast is essential to survival. In the following video you will learn how 's works: