Fall Depression: What can I do?

Many people are listening to me at the moment: "I'm always sad, but I do not know why." We know why: Autumn depression. Also called autumn blues, especially affects women. You feel constantly tired, impotent and sad. In addition, there is often an increased craving for sweets and carbohydrates … Not great either. According to statistics, every third person in this country suffers from an autumn depression. The first symptoms are noticeable in the twenties, but become even stronger as we get older. But do not worry, we'll show you how to banish the bad lukewarms in autumn by simple tricks.

Where does the cloudy mood come from?

When it gets darker outside, the body emits less serotonin, which is responsible for the formation of happiness hormones. We go to work when it's dark and come home when it's dark. Scientists also suspect that the fall depression is due to our evolutionary history. The body wants to prepare for a kind of hibernation, hence the increased appetite and sleep requirements. Only that hibernation just never occurs, so the body reacts depressive.

What can I do about the fall depression?

Due to the reduced sun exposure to the skin less vitamin D is produced by the body, which also protects against depression. The missing vitamin now has to be increasingly absorbed through the diet. Fish is the best choice. If your vitamin D level is too low, you can easily check it out. Information here: Vitamin D in the check medicinal plant
St. John's wort is considered a "residual light amplifier" and helps to compensate for the lack of light and to make optimal use of even small amounts of light. For treatment, drink a cup of St. John's wort daily for at least six weeks every morning and evening. Get up earlier
Late sleepers consume much of the already scarce serotonin for the dream activities just before waking up. Early risers are psychologically much more stable, they say. Chocolate allowed
Those who do not exaggerate, can treat themselves to a piece of chocolate, which is well known to be happy. So the body can compensate for the seratonin deficiency. Who would have thought that?

Get out in the fresh air, even in wind and weather. Even walking outdoors can lift the mood! Sun for the soul
A light cure at home helps many against the autumn blues. Relaxed you sit in front of a special light apparatus whose tubes donate a fluorescent light. Depending on the "light shower" and the distance from the lamp, the 2,500 to 10,000 lux correspond to the light on a bright, beautiful spring day. Daily half to four hours (depending on the Lux value). The antidepressant effect usually appears after three to four days. In general, a previous ophthalmological examination is recommended. iron deficiency
Two glasses of rosemary tea in the morning get the circulation going. Those who suffer from iron deficiency often lack energy. Prima iron suppliers are lean, red meat and eggs. In the health food store, there are juices ("iron blood"). Linseed oil, hemp oil or rapeseed oil, on a spoonful, improves your health. scents
Use the efficacy of fragrances such as bergamot or jasmine oil. Just a few drops in an aroma lamp and the mood will be better. The fragrances cause memories of the summer in the brain. Here you can find out which scent which causes additional tip
A trip to the autumn forest, a coffee break in your favorite restaurant, a shopping tour with your girlfriend – even in the gray season there are "bright" moments.