Fight hay fever without tablets

To begin with, if you have the suspicion of suffering from an allergy – and it may also appear all of a sudden – then you should definitely go to your family doctor or family doctor to arrange for a test. Because allergies are not to be taken lightly and can have serious, chronic consequences. If the result is just mild hay fever, it is not always necessary to take tablets daily. The annoying complaints can also be combated with these tips: If the pollen load is particularly high – you will learn about pollen alarm services online or via smartphone app – you should stay indoors and keep the time outdoors as low as possible. Aired should only be used at low load times. At noon on average the load is strongest, so the windows should ideally remain closed and you yourself inside. If possible, the clothes should be changed after an outdoor stay. Outdoors, it also helps to wear glasses or sunglasses to reduce the pollen's impact on the eye. If the face is washed several times a day, additional pollen can be removed. Wash your hair and shower in the evening, and the unwanted guests say goodbye in the drain. Stress and strong physical exertion should be avoided as far as possible, since our body is already battling high against the allergy triggers. In the car, specific pollen filters can purify the air. The home can also be made more pollensicherer: Special protective grid prevent up to 90 percent of the penetrating pollen. Alcohol should be avoided because it dilates the vessels and thus the allergens are easier to get through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream. But the best thing is to just put your holiday in the pollen wedding and just leave all the trouble behind. For example, off to the mountains, as above the tree line also no pollen can fly or in the Mediterranean, where the pollen load is also lower.