Green Smoothie – Salad for drinking

Are you also like me? In theory, you know that you have to eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Especially now in the cold season, vitamins are essential in order not to get sick (like everyone else). And yet … Somehow I always forget, I have no time or I'm just too lazy. And then it's just the alarm clock of Billa and in the evening a pack of chips. The result: I feel limp, drained, tired. My skin looks dull and I have pimples. I'm not even talking about the no longer working metabolism and the constant colds …

What is the solution?

At some point I thought to myself: It really can not go on like this anymore! How do I manage daily to get my dose of vitamins? Totally simple: I now have liquid salad. I know, I know, all that sounds wrong. But the Green Smoothie is THE solution for all vitamin lazies! Simply throw everything that is green into a blender in the morning and take it with you as a "drink in between". This covers your daily ration of fruits and vegetables and you do not have to feel guilty anymore!

Recipe for "liquid salad"

– fresh spinach leaves
– kale or salad (all varieties)
– cucumber
– broccoli
– celery
– Parsley
– lemon
– ginger
– Apple juice
– excess oil Preparation:
Put all ingredients in the blender with a little water. The oil is needed to absorb the essential fat-soluble vitamins in the body. The whole thing tastes really delicious and strengthens your immune system. If you drink the Green Smoothie everyday, you will soon notice a difference!