Hangxiety: anxiety with hangover

Drink, delicious cocktails with the girls lift: all funny. Until the next morning, when you wake up with a pounding headache, the stomach turns and you have 20 text messages from girlfriends who ask why you missed the morning cross-fit lesson. All symptoms of a hangover that we would not rewrite as "funny". But the worst hangover effect that is rarely talked about is: FEAR.

Alcohol: Why hangover with Kater intensify

Yes. It happens again and again that people with a hangover suffer from anxiety, they feel depressed and anxious. This condition is also called "hangxiety", an almost downplaying sounding combination of words "hangover" (hangover) and "anxiety" (fear). There are hormonal reasons for these anxiety attacks after a long and promiscuous night of partying: Alcohol gives your brain a real boost in dopamine. The neurotransmitter minimizes feelings of anxiety – one reason why we often behave irresponsibly when drunk (sorry, mom!). At some point then the hormonal balance will change. It can have the opposite effect: instead of continuing to take risks, your fears increase with the flattening of the dopamine push. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol is increasingly produced by alcohol in the adrenal glands. In Hangover, you feel the after-effects, you get bumpy, shaky, unfocused – and in doubt even more anxious. Particularly vulnerable to anxiety during a hangover are particularly sensitive or already anxious and depressed people. They should reduce their alcohol intake, follow these tips to prevent hangovers, and seek help from friends or, in extreme cases, experts in times of anxiety.