Healthy food made easy: that's how we get fruit and vegetables </title>

What sounds simple and, above all, sensible, often presents us with a lot of problems in everyday life, and one only has to consciously try to follow this advice. What exactly am I supposed to eat and how do I cope with this in my more or less stressful everyday life? It is best to start with the first ration in the morning. Serving as a portion are a piece of fruit or vegetables or what fits in one hand. This also determines our individual portion, because small hand – small portion, large hand – large portion. Ideal for breakfast is cereal with fruit and dried fruit, as you can get two portions. If you prefer bread, sausage and cheese, then definitely vegetables on it, peppers or cucumbers pep up every breakfast bread super. Or we do it like the English and roast a tomato and a few mushrooms for the fried egg. Dried fruit in between. For breakfast lovers, 's still has the option of eating an apple, banana or some dried fruits during the morning. Incidentally, this has the advantage that the blood sugar level does not drop so much and thus food cravings are prevented until lunch. For dried fruit, make sure they are not deflaked (marked on the package), as a rule, 5-6 dried carrots or apricots or two handfuls of dried apple rings. Drink a glass of water to swell up the fiber and make for a pleasant feeling of fullness. Cheating allowed. Of course, a bit of "cheating" may also be, because what should one do if in the afternoon the urgent need for sweets comes and the taste buds the fruit partout not under cheer? We trick them with apple strudel with raisins or with a piece of cake and hit two birds with one stone. Another alternative is freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, which are offered in many drugstores, health food stores and pubs. General guidelines are two rations of fruit and three rations of vegetables, the vegetables may be raw or steamed. The vegetable side dish at noon or in the evening is therefore another easy way to provide yourself with the healthy nutrients. Whether raw or cooked, our personal preference remains, but as a guideline it is not necessary to eat raw food from the middle afternoon as it is more digestible than cooked. All vegetables. Allowed is what tastes and what we feel like desire, but an orientation offers the "traffic light coalition". Something red, something yellow, something green, it contains many different vitamins that provide us with the necessary. It does not have to be exotic, seasonal fruits and vegetables deliver everything our body needs. A useful addition to this are tropical fruits such as bananas or pineapple. On the other hand, we can safely leave the strawberries in November or the grapes in March in the supermarket. Of course, five servings a day are what we all want, but already with three servings we are above average. Drescher. Anything beyond this is of course a plus for us and how many challenges are there, the result of which is so positive for us? So get to the vegetables! Editor: Pia Kruckenhauser