Healthy weight loss: The professional tips

Evelyn Krammer-Kocsis: No hunger cures! The body needs enough carbohydrates and protein to burn fat. Therefore, it is very important to eat enough in the morning and at noon. Carbohydrates in the morning and at noon prevent food cravings. I always recommend noodles, rice or potatoes. But since potatoes do not fill you up for long, bread is always part of it. The dinner should be a bit smaller then. But again, carbohydrates are allowed. Basically: Please do not have a guilty conscience and eat consciously! Christina Lachkovics: Respect breaks! You should eat your calorie needs throughout the day. If you miss out on breakfast and maybe even lunch, you'll certainly get cravings in the evening. If you then suddenly eat 1,500 calories and more, the body can not handle this calorie intake and fat starts. There should be four to six hours between meals for the fat burning process to start. Since then fruit juices are taboo. Melanie Y. Brus: Healthy and good! Those who want to lose weight should find their way back to a natural eating behavior. The big advantage: nothing is forbidden. Of course, that does not mean that you can indiscriminately eat whatever comes your way. But now and then a little snack after lunch is fine. And if you overstate the rigors of being invited to a party, for example, just set up a fruit and vegetable day to iron it out. It is important that you do not give up just because you did not stick to the program. Small slips from time to forgive the body. Petra Leitgeb: Listen to the body! The food you eat affects everything. Whether you are tired or not, whether you are healthy or not. Listen to your body, feel what is good for you. It will not help if I tell you that you should drink milk if you may have lactose intolerance. A food diary can help. For two weeks, every meal tells you which symptoms or improvements you are feeling. Barbara Holstein: Balanced diet! The important thing is that you get something from everything. Only vegetables alone is not enough. The carbs are simply missing. But vegetables are of course important for the supply of vitamins and minerals. And: one must not be so strict with oneself. Only in the first three weeks of a diet change should you stick strictly to the given plan, so that the body gets used to the other eating behavior. After that, a schnitzel is allowed once.