Hot Yoga: The Benefits

What sounds like a visit to the sauna is one of the gentlest workouts: Hot Yoga, actually called Bikram Yoga (named after the eponymous book by the Indian yoga master Bikram Choudhury), is offered in selected yoga schools. WOMAN reveals who it's worth – and what benefits the gentle workout at tropical temperatures offers. Who is Hot Yoga suitable for? For almost everyone. Also, yoga beginners get along well with it, because the great heat warms up the muscles and joints, makes it more elastic and thus prevents injuries. You should be careful if you have high or low blood pressure or acute inflammation. This can be aggravated by the hot yoga training. Consult a family doctor – or do a trial lesson to make sure the training is good for you. How does Hot Yoga work? The beginning is a breathing exercise to extend the lungs to their full volume. Then follow the 26 Asanas (yoga exercises) of Bikram Yoga and finally the position Shavasana. Here you lie flat on the back, breathing deeply and thus takes the tension out of the body. Because every training session should be completed with calm. What is Hot Yoga? The combination of sweating and the gentle, joint-gentle exercises flushes toxins out of the body, the cardiovascular system is brought to life, strengthened the muscles. Also the skin is tightened by the training – cellulite combated so gently. Even when you fall asleep you get good results with Hot Yoga. However, once every three weeks yoga brings little – you should go to training at least once a week. Attention: Hot Yoga causes a large loss of fluid and salt (almost two liters of water!). Therefore, always bring a large bottle of water with you during the workout and drink a lot between exercises.