How you do good during your period!

Sometimes menstruation is very easy. And then again, there are days during the day, when a woman would like to roll herself under the blanket and start Netflix bingo watching. Stomach cramps, bloated feeling, headache, tiredness, grief … Unfortunately, the period is no excuse for everything. Job, children, partners: You still have something to do. It is all the more important that we are especially good to ourselves during this time. So here are five tips.

via GIPHY preparation is EVERYTHING – even on menstruation. Do you always know exactly, on which days you get your period? Something like that: Yes. But if you want to know exactly when you are insufferable from hormonal dissonances (PMS) or you should leave your white jeans better in the closet, then urgently use a cycle app (we swear by Clue). Because if you are prepared, then you can set up in advance feel-good times for these days.

via GIPHY Pay attention to your diet. Of course, you should always. But during your days, you often have the feeling that a family pack of Oreo biscuits is the only answer to your suffering. Only: what you eat during your period of menstruation has a huge impact on how you feel. You do not have to eat organic food and mumble on carrots – but make sure your body gets enough vitamins and fiber. And less sugar and fat.

Avoid alcohol. Sad but true. Gin Tonic, Weinchen, Margaritas – Alcohol can not relieve the symptoms of your period, but unfortunately worse. A glass of red wine lowers your blood sugar. You feel even more tired and irritable than you already are. So just stay a few days abstaining – and celebrate the end of the menstruation with a glass of Prickelwasser!

via GIPHY Pay attention to the care of your skin. If you are not blessed with a flawless complexion (otherwise: congratulations!), Your skin will be a little crazy by changing hormone levels: pimples are not uncommon during menstruation. Therefore, now pay special attention to the cleaning and care of your skin. The last thing you need, if you feel already damaged already, is a thick pustule in the middle of your forehead.

via GIPHY Know your limits. Of course, sport helps to relieve the cramps during the rule. But if you already feel tired and exhausted anyway, then it does not help to exceed your limits agonizingly. Stop your stomach (especially now!). Your feeling decides whether a visit to the gym is right for you – or blanket over your head and … see above: Another season of "Inside Amy Schumer".