In top form! 6 exercises for the dream body

Of course, a diet can help letting the kilos tumble faster. More sustainable, however, is a healthy, balanced diet and a little sport. You do not necessarily have to enroll in the expensive gym – 20 minutes are enough at home to treat yourself and your body. That's why WOMAN simply teaches you six exercises that you can even do in the evening in front of the TV. Our tip: Try the small workout in the morning – this will boost the circulation and make you fit for the day. Exercise 1: Kickboxing! Run on the spot and keep turning your right hip forward and boxing forward with your right hand. One page per side. Tip: Better to slow down, but keep the body tension! Exercise 2: Knee lift! Stand upright, let your arms hang loose. Then for a minute, alternately raise the knees, the arms swing against the same. Be sure to keep your back straight. Exercise 3: Dynamic Stretching! Fail step to the side, stretch one leg, bend the other leg. Rest on the angled leg, stretch the other. Hold position for 30 seconds, then change leg. Repeat 15 times! Exercise 4: Squad! Make squats and meanwhile bring weights (it is also filled mineral water bottles!) Over the head merge. 10 to 20 repetitions are optimal. Do not forget about the body tension! Exercise 5: Lunge! Take large steps alternately forwards, backwards or to the side and in parallel bend and lower arms with the weights (or mineral water bottles!) In front of the body. Repeat 15 times. Exercise 6: Armstrider! Support with the arms backwards to a chair. Then raise and lower arms 10 to 20 times. Tense your stomach during the entire exercise!