Micro Greens: Why everyone is crazy about it!

Spinach? Kohl? Ha! The classic iron and nutrient suppliers are now facing big competition. Or, to be precise: Tiny competition. Because "Micro Greens" are considered a new superfood! The young plantlets of vegetables such as broccoli, red cabbage or radish are not only delicious on the plate, they also have an extremely high nutrient density.

What are micro greens?

Actually, micro greens are the first piece of plant that sticks out of the earth – strictly speaking, however, if there are two cotyledons (better still three). This is the case after about 10 days. From this moment, the plantlet has the "Micro Green Status" and has more nutrients, vitamins and phytochemicals (such as carotenoids) as fully grown vegetables.

Why are micro greens healthier?

Micro greens of red cabbage, for example, have the highest concentration of vitamin C according to studies, and the plantlets of radish contain a lot of vitamin E. Why? Because the young plants need a lot of power to grow. That's why this is the right time to harvest and eat!

How do you process the micro greens?

You can process the micro greens like a salad, spice up your omelet, mix a smoothie, or serve as a vegetable garnish. It's best served as a breakfast snack: toast a slice of wholewheat bread, sprinkle thinly with cream cheese and cover with avocado slices or cucumbers – sprinkle with micro greens, ready!