Nervous? The fast trick that really helps!

Only ten minutes more, then you have to step in front of your colleagues and hold your presentation. In the thing you're sure, no one's going to suggest anything to you. Why do your hands suddenly start to sweat, why does your stomach go limp, why do you have the feeling that you are about to topple over with nervousness? Stage Fright. No one is immune to it, not even the biggest stage stars. The adrenaline rush comes easy – the key is how you handle it. Whispering voice, wiggling knees, trembling hands: you really do not need it. But if we do not succeed in shaking off the nervousness … Did we write "SHAKE OFF"? Yes. As always, there is something wise in every proverb, every saying.

How to shake off nervousness quickly

What you need: A retreat where you are undisturbed. This can also be the toilet. As you say: Move. And completely crazy. Shake your arms, jump up and down, wobble your head, swing your hips. No matter. It is literally about shaking off the stage fright. Why it works: By the movement of your lymphatic fluid is really shaken up and set in motion. This again brings more endorphins into your nervous system – triggering a sense of relaxation and well-being. Have you ever seen dogs after they had a fight? What is the first thing you do? Shake yourself off. In short, the next time you feel nervous or mentally blocked, shake yourself up.