Never again hangover

It tastes so good, but sometimes you avoid so many noble tropes, because you fear the consequences: massive headache, garnished perhaps even a few mocking remarks from the dear colleagues. But you do not beat excessively over the rigor, but you only enjoy a glass and still the head is buzzing. But do not worry, then it is not the furry four-legged friends, rather you suffer in such a case of an allergy to certain components of the wine. Sulfites and amines are the culprits: sulfites are preservatives and contained in various foods. Therefore, you may also respond to pizza, olives or canned tuna, which is often found in the head wagon. Taste all these delicacies without side effects, then are likely to blame the amines. Wine contains two variants of it: histamine and tyramine. The former expand the blood vessels in our brain, while the latter narrow them. Both can result in headaches.

Finally carefree to celebrate! Amines are also contained in various cheeses or in horseradish. If complaints occur when they are consumed, one knows the culprit. However, wine often has a higher histamine concentration and so the allergy goes unnoticed for longer. If you can not cope with sulfites, then you should use wines without additives, for example from organic farming. In the case of histamine intolerance, it is advisable to obtain one of the commercially available allergy tablets in the pharmacy and simply toss it in before the next candlelight dinner.