PMS: You can do that!

PMS – What is it? Premenstrual syndrome – PMS for short – is a complex condition that can be seen during the last four to ten days before the menstrual period.
The symptoms that occur in almost every third woman of childbearing age vary. From diarrhea (here you will learn what helps against diarrhea during the period), cramps, nausea, fluid retention, fatigue and skin changes, to cravings or loss of appetite, bad mood, migraine, irritability, depression or aggressiveness – at PMS is everything possible.
But how can "woman" manage these conditions or, ideally, even prevent them? There are some methods and also foods that prevent PMS or make it much more bearable!

PMS – THAT you can do! 1. Not too much salt
In the days before menstruation one should do without particularly salty meals. Likewise, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided as they deprive the body of water and cause headaches. 2. No carbon dioxide
Carbonic acid gives you a bloated stomach. Since you feel bloated anyway in the days before menstruation, so that is less conducive. It is best to drink a lot of still water, lemon balm tea or chamomile tea as they calm the stomach. 3. Natural yoghurt
Natural yoghurt contains many lactic acid bacteria that strengthen your body's defenses and soothe the gastrointestinal flora. In addition, the substances contained in yoghurt such as calcium, protein and vitamin B are particularly good at PMS. 4. Hot water bottles & hot baths
Many women complain of abdominal and back pain during this time. Only one thing helps: warmth! It is best to lie down in a relaxing bubble bath, or treat yourself in the evening a hot water bottle for the painful areas. 5. Movement
Even if you do not feel like it, you should move a lot at PMS, ideally in the fresh air. Walking, slow jogging, cycling or swimming solved cramps to promote blood circulation. 6. Pineapple, ginger and kale
These are the absolute miracle weapons against bloating and therefore a must-eat at this time. 7. Anti-Depri Tips
With PMS bad mood, Howl attacks & Co are not rare. There is only one keyword: distraction! Whether a leisurely stroll through the city, a coffee with friends or a trip to the countryside – out of everyday life! And please do not set bans. If you are in the mood for chocolate, a DVD evening and frozen pizza, you can treat yourself to everything during this time. Do something good for yourself!