Pregnancy: What else is allowed for a woman?

Now the stork has finally bitten, helped the sugar on the windowsill and the longed-for two Stricherl on the test strip confirmed by the doctor. Woman (and man) were allowed to admire the most beautiful fruit cave on the screen of the ultrasound machine at the gynecologist and maybe even the yolk sac. For all those who learn about it later, maybe even a little heart has struck hard. Hach, one of the most beautiful moments was that and exactly at 6 + 1 (7.SSW = gestation week)! But now it starts, alcohol and nicotine are pure poison and just out of the race, says already the common sense (I do not even want to start drugs). But there's more to it: the nasty Toxosplasmose, the Listeria and lots of nasty bacteria that can do so much in Mama to be and Baby (not to be underestimated!). At the risk to collect a lot of "tutu fingers" again, I admit it. I also rely on my gut feeling in the prohibitions. "There are so many prohibitions – but I want to enjoy the pregnancy!" I take the issue quite seriously. But I think that it can be quite exaggerating and so can not indulge in the enjoyment of pregnancy relaxed – and I want!

Verena blogs about her pregnancy coffee under "baumraumwohnung" . Yes, I drink coffee, a maximum of 2 a day, with plenty of milk and extended. Here I like to harvest the comment "your poor child will certainly be hyperactive". My opinion: the bit caffeine does not hurt, as long as it is not exaggerated, ladies value. Alcohol. NO, I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I do not take any drugs or other medicines. I think that is dangerous for the fire. Raw fish. NO, I also do not eat sushi, although I miss the most extreme (mmhhh! Sushi! ") And some doctors even believe, if you know a really good restaurant … But there opinions differ, if it is absolutely necessary it needs to be and verschlдgt you to the sushi bar of your trust, then please only in the months with R (to temperatures). cheese. Yes, I eat cheese. IF he made from pasteurized cow's milk. but, besides the diet, there are also many more topics NOTHING MORE LIFE Dear Moms to be, please stick to it I've tried to give in to my normal "raw power" to ignore the tiredness (ala I'm just "freshly pregnant") … It was not a good idea, but you can "ruin" more than you think HAIR COLOR. * Cough * So, yes, I agree, I have to necessarily net my mane blond during pregnancy until the scalp tingles , then do a few highlights Personally, I do not understand the excitement about hair dyeing. Damage has not been scientifically proven or proven. If you want to feel better (like me, after all, you want to be responsible after all) then you resort to an ammonia-free gentle tint or coloration. I stand by it. My naturally straight-kitten blond hair is regularly dyed "soft" dark. 9 months mausblonder offspring, gray perverted … People – I'm under 30! The vanity is self-evident. TO GO SWIMMING. Big controversial topic, at least in forums and Co. as you read the most terrifying horror stories – on the other hand are horror movies Peanuts. Namely in the water swim a lot of nasty bacteria that can get into the body of Mom to be and multiply there, as pregnant women well known (no joke!) Have a weakened immune system and are more susceptible to infections. These bacteria can then endanger the development or the life of the child. = Not entirely untrue. But in my opinion (and in the opinion of many others) that refers to public waters, such as lakes, the sea, etc. … In indoor swimming pools / open-air baths there is so much chlorine and chemistry that not even an "amok bacterium" survives. What you can do, however, to feel better and to prevent, for example, a nasty cystitis, which may occur quite often in pregnancy: In the pharmacy buy a box of "Dцderlein capsules" and use them after the pool. If you want to be even safer on the go, you can stock up on probiotic (yes that's really) tampons in the pharmacy or drugstore. How to use those I do not have to explain;) But please "use" BEFORE / WHILE swimming. Doubled is then in combination with the Dцderlein capsules. About the author: Verena Zeitlberger, 26, lives with her partner, "Mr. L." in Lower Austria and blogs about her pregnancy under the abdominal room. By the way, she will play in "Team Rosa" 😉