Pregnant thanks to detox – fertility tips

If it does not work with the children, this can be quite stressful for those involved. For months or even years some couples try everything and still … it does not work. But why is it that some couples promt and others are not pregnant? And what role can a detox cure play in this? "We have many spa children" Winkler ( "Unfortunately, there are still few studies on fasting and fertility but my personal experience has shown that through several weeks of intestinal rehabilitation fertility increases!"
And also on other blogs you will find numerous entries from parents who report that they have finally become pregnant after a detox cure. Couples who have been trying for years to have a baby, but the desire to have children, even after hormone treatment, in-vitro or acupuncture remained unfulfilled, then suddenly get offspring after a detoxification cure.

How does detox promote fertility?

If you want a baby you should basically do without some things: smoking or alcohol is high on the "forbidden list". This also applies to the partner, because alcohol can affect the sperm quality. If you change your diet and detoxify the body for weeks, it does not just have visual effects. A burdened and even inflammatory digestive system can have an unfavorable effect on fertility due to its close proximity to sexual intercourse. "If you want to have children, you have to cleanse the intestine, because that also cleans the connective tissue and this in turn influences the hormone balance," explains Dr. med. Winkler. "That's why I talk to every patient before a bowel rehabilitation in detail about contraception." Every year we have a long-awaited Kurbaby! "
The intestinal cleansing helps the body to get rid of numerous toxins. It brings the hormone balance back into balance and puts the organs in the right position.

Men too are becoming more fertile

The success rate for "fertility rehabilitation treatments" is significantly higher if both partners make a detoxification cure. Because also the fertility of the men increases during and after a gut rehabilitation neat, in which the number and mobility of the sperm increases. In conclusion, Dr. Winkler: "Apart from whether one becomes pregnant easily or seriously – if one invites someone into his" house to live in it for 9 months ", then you clean it beforehand."

Dr. Elisabeth Winkler, detox expert Winkler expires, you can find out here: Timetable: 7 weeks of gut repair