Proper nutrition on a skiing holiday

Kitzhof chef Martin Reiter reveals how enjoyment and sport are combined – his tips for the right diet for a skiing holiday: breakfast
The necessary power and energy for winter sports are provided by protein (especially important for the muscles), long-chain carbohydrates and vitamins. For the breakfast buffet this means: ideal are eggs, cereals and fruit and wholemeal bread. On the other hand, one should rather avoid white pastries such as rolls or white bread. It is very important, especially at breakfast more than usual to drink, because you usually have no drinks on the slopes and thus the whole morning no liquid intake. "Ginger tea is especially popular in the cold season at the breakfast buffet, because it additionally warms from the inside," explains Reiter. Having lunch
At lunchtime you need adequate strengthening. If you want to spend the afternoon on the slopes, you should not eat too much and too much to avoid the fatigue. "A warming soup would be recommended for lunch, for example, all those who are bothered by the cold, which can help a little chili in the food," advises the chef. Otherwise, you should pay attention here to a balanced compilation of food. To replenish the protein and carbohydrate stores, it may also be a small portion of Kaiserschmarren. In addition, it is necessary to drink a lot to replenish your fluid balance for the afternoon. Isotonic drinks, such as apple juice or beer (if possible alcohol-free), are ideal for this. After skiing
At the end of the day, many winter sports fans prefer apr s-ski. Again, you should be careful to consume the right thing. Again, a high hydration is announced. It may also be a mulled wine to warm up. "As long as you enjoy the alcohol in moderation, a cup of hot drink is ideal, because the spices contained, such as cardamom, clove and cinnamon have a warming effect," says Martin Reiter. However, it is also very important to have a little refreshment right after the sports day, for example through a cereal bar, some trail mix or nuts, in order to replenish the protein store. Dinner
At the last meal of the day there are then the fewest restrictions. "From the crowd, it may be quiet a bit more than usual, because you burned many calories during the day, but who soon go to sleep, should make sure that the dinner is not too heavy in the stomach," is the advice of the hotel Kitzhof chefs. The SV stars (she cooks riders during the Hahnenkamm race) in the evening like to grab fresh fish, grilled meat or a plate of good pasta, combined with lots of salad to recharge your batteries. Also, a dessert is not a sin to add sugar to the body again. In keeping with the winter and the warming effect of the food, Martin Reiter likes to use pumpkin and root vegetables in the menu during the cold season. Spices, such as chilli, allspice or cinnamon are used less sparingly than usual. So nothing stands in the way of winter sports fun on a ski holiday.