Sportify your life – live healthier with sports. This keeps you fit </title>

If that is not a promise, exercise not only creates a beautiful silhouette, but also has pleasant side effects in everyday life. The improved blood circulation makes the skin look younger, the strengthened immune system tells the virus to fight faster, and our gray cells are better off. And the best thing about it – all this without a prescription. Here are ten reasons for a sporting life. 1. More exercise means less sickness Just 30 minutes a day is enough to reduce the number of colds per year by half. The reason: The workouts allow more white blood cells to circulate in the body, where they detect and destroy intruders. Additional plus: exercise also reduces the risk of getting breast cancer. Studies show that women who exercise regularly have a 30 percent lower risk of breast cancer. Tip: If you do not have half an hour left, just take ten minutes to get your body into shape with gymnastics. 2. Deep sleep Anyone who burns more calories during the day during exercise will be rewarded with deep sleep during the night. The body also uses the rest periods for regeneration, muscle damage is repaired. Immediately after training, the body shuts down with the temperature, which helps to fall asleep. So shift training schedules to the late afternoon! 3. Resistant to stress In hectic situations, the heart beats faster, the respiratory rate increases, and you sweat more. Exactly the same happens in sports. Anyone who is frequently exposed to stressful situations in their day-to-day work can prepare themselves with endurance units (running, cycling, swimming) to deal with them better. 4. Improvement for the back Especially with back pain it is worth strengthening the back and abdominal muscles by gymnastics. Studies show that regular yoga improves after only 12 weeks. Also effective: Pilates or back exercises. 5. Sport makes you happy Scientists have measured that after a two-hour run athletes release endorphins that make them happy – the so-called Runner's High. But do not worry: you do not have to exercise so long to get a positive effect. But to conquer the inner bastard makes us triumph inside. 6. Exercise strengthens self-confidence With the growing muscles, self-esteem also increases. Knowing that the body is slowly taking shape and the better blood flow really make us radiate. And there are guaranteed compliments from the outside. 7. Fitness strengthens the contact with others To entertain with like-minded people is a blessing for each of us. That's why it pays to not always jogging in the woods, but also to join running groups or to get involved in the fitness center. This also increases the motivation to regularly hold the training over a longer period of time over a longer period of time. 8. Dancing makes smart movements that require not only the body, but also the concentration, help in everyday life, to remember things better. Especially recommended is dancing. The choreographies support the networking of both hemispheres. 9th A workout is better than any diet Stop the eternal calorie counting and the ongoing weight control. Anyone who moves a lot loses body fat, gains muscle mass and thus gets a taut body. But not only that: Sporty people also have a better body feeling move more elegant and often have a better relationship with the diet. After all, whoever sits on the bike for half an hour, usually has no desire for sweets and fat, but would also like to do something good with the menu. 10. Fitness lessons help get rid of bad habits Do you want to quit smoking for some time? Then do it and let the sport support you. Because with this you compensate for the resulting emptiness. Studies show that in this way you not only prevent weight gain, but also reprogram habits more easily. A ten-minute walk can easily distract from the desire for a cigarette.