Sports in calorie check

Swimming, dancing, running, yoga, skiing: No matter which sport you enjoy the most, your body says thank you for every movement – even in everyday life. If you can not make it to sports, just walk a bit on foot. Even the home cleaning brings a lot. But to really make a difference, you should be able to put on two or three sports units a week. WOMAN reveals how high the calorie consumption is in each sport: Zumba. Calorie consumption: * 90 kcal (in 10 minutes)
Zumba makes you lean, brings momentum to life and provides music for more endurance and stronger muscles. Yoga. Calorie consumption: * 60 kcal (in 10 minutes)
The Indian art of movement yoga provides balance, strengthens all muscles and makes love handles disappear. Here yoga exercises for the home. • Aqua Fitness. Calorie consumption: * 80 kcal (in 10 minutes)
Due to the higher resistance in the water, the joints of the Aqua Fitness are spared. And we burn more calories. •Climb. Calorie consumption: * 81 kcal (in 10 minutes)
Climbing walls and rocks requires strength, stamina, coordination and quick reactions. Climbing is especially useful when looking for a tight-arm workout. To jog. Calorie consumption: * 110 kcal (in 10 minutes)
The ideal sport for every level of fitness: Get into the running shoes and get started, it's not going to be any easier. Adjust your speed to your training level. Here are tips for proper jogging. • tennis. Calorie consumption: * 77 kcal (in 10 minutes)
The many short sprints and quick changes train endurance, agility and speed of reaction. • Cross-country skiing. Calorie consumption: * 85 kcal (in 10 minutes)
Exercises all muscle groups and provides endurance. The big advantage: In snow, you can start right outside the front door!