Ten steps to a healthy gut

MOVE. Sport should be on the schedule every day, in summer and in winter. EATING HEALTHY. Avoid the fast food with lots of fat, sugar and white flour. Prefer a lot of wholemeal, fruit and vegetables in everyday life. NO DELIVERY. Frequent application prevents the natural intestinal function. PAPAYA. The tropical fruit is the most basic of all foods, as well as very rich in enzymes and amino acids. AVOID ANTIBIOTICS. Because they destroy the natural bacterial flora in the intestine. MANY DRINKS. It should be at least two liters of water daily. Scavenges toxins and brings in vital substances. NATURAL FOOD. In prepared foods are preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers that interfere with digestion. Better cook yourself! TAKE PROBIOTICS. The bacteria help to build up the protective layer of the intestine. RELAXATION. Stress and anger confuse the balance in the gut. Ideal are yoga or autogenic training. DETOXIFY. At least once a year you should thoroughly cleanse your colon. Are you interested in more health topics?
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