The 3-minute anti-stress breathing exercise

If you roll in the corner right now and put your hands on your ears, how would your colleagues react? Of course not. Although you feel like it. The stress is overwhelming, the deep dark spiral of thoughts pulls you down further and further: How should I do it all? Wiesollichdasallesschaffen? As? As? As?

So unhealthy is stress

Stress. One of the unhealthiest feelings. We produce a hormone cocktail that will stimulate us to peak performance. But if the hormones are not broken down, they weaken the immune system. This harms the heart in the long term, makes you feel unconcentrated, nervous. Even heart attack and burnout can follow. How can you reduce stress most effectively? Through sports. Only one can not really bail out of the action, especially in high-noon-phases, go for a run, spend some time in the fitness center. Self-medication with a family pack Hдagen-Dazs? Of course it will be easier – but will only make you happy in the short term. Since we have found a better method.

Fast breathing exercise against stress

The meditation method was developed by John Sahakian, a clinical hypnotherapist and yoga teacher from Los Angeles. "You can pull yourself out of the mental hole with a short meditation and conscious breathing," says Sahakian. "It does not take more than three minutes to rest."

This is how the 3-minute meditation goes:

  • Sit upright and comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Close your eyes. Concentrate on breathing deeply through your nose and letting the air out through your mouth.
  • Take 12 to 15 long breaths.
  • Now take another 12 – 15 deep breaths, but visualize yourself in a nice, quiet place. A beach, a mountain hut, on your sofa with a loved one.
  • Now the next set follows. Now let your inner voice remind you that life is a gift, that you are grateful to learn and experience new things.
  • The last 12 to 15 breaths: Now you say that a positive attitude is the best way to overcome challenges and overcome obstacles.