The venereal disease is on the rise and antibiotics do not work </title>

Since the invention of antiobiotics, the disease gonorrhea – also known as gonorrhea – was no longer a problem, as affected persons could easily be cured. But now there are more and more cases where the antibiotic treatment no longer strikes! Scientists have warned for a long time that due to the massive use of antibiotics in the meat industry or the sometimes thoughtless prescriptions, many bacteria have the opportunity to develop resistance to the valuable drug. And now there are actually isolated gonococcal strains that cause gonorrhea and are not curable. Worldwide, more than 160 million people suffer from gonorrhea every year, which can even have life-threatening consequences if left untreated. The venereal disease is transmitted through unprotected sex without a condom – as well as oral or anal intercourse. To always use a condom outside of a relationship should always be a matter of course for your own protection!

First signs of gonorrhea:

In men, it comes first to a urethritis with itching, purulent discharge and pain when urinating. In addition, inflammation of the cervix with purulent discharge may be added to women. At the first sign you should see a doctor immediately. cs_loadScriptsOnReady.push ( "");