This Binden advertising shows for the first time red 'blood'

Has it ever happened to you that you have cut your finger and then there came out so blue liquid? If so, then maybe you should fly back to your home planet. If no, and you ask yourself, what nonsense we spill again, then you're right here! Because you have not ever wondered, why in advertisements for menstrual products only blue 'blood' is shown?

Menstrual blood is not disgusting, it's just normal.

A scientific explanation for the media phenomenon is not so easy, more so speculation: This is because the red color is for danger and bleeding therefore also. You just want to keep your menstruation away from a dangerous-looking visualization. Then again, it is explained that the female period is such a big taboo topic that you want to make money with it, but do not want sensitive people to tip out of the pines because of a blood red bandage. This is unfortunately bullshit, if you ask me. In the main evening program there are movies on TV where parts of the body are broken, people are in the hospital or even shot and where other people have sex. And at the same time humanity is not believed – half of which are women! – to endure the sight of the most natural thing in the world. It's about hair dripping.

That probably also Bodyform, a hygiene products manufacturer from the UK, thought and promptly what changed. In this case, I mean by 'prompt' many, many years of pondering. In her new advertising campaign red liquid is poured on a bandage! And not only that: a young, hip guy buys bandages, a woman bleeds in the shower and then there is a party, apparently to celebrate the menstruation itself. The hashtag #bloodnormal summarizes the topic quite well: Half of all people on this planet theoretically have their days once a month – why can not this blood just be normal? And if that's too radical now, in the way: "Why do you always have to talk about everything, that's a private matter!", I can only say: you do not have to talk about it, if you do not want to. And you do not have to look at the ad. All you have to do is accept that there are people around you who would like to talk about it and do so freely, without prejudice!