This condom will detect if your sex partner has a disease </title>

That a condom protects against STDs and therefore should always be in the game at One Night Stands and Co, is nothing new. But that a condom in love play even recognizes which venereal disease may be present, which is actually something that we are amazed. And a brand we would buy immediately! For not only can we better protect ourselves, our counterpart could also be treated accordingly and would thus escape painful or unpleasant symptoms in the probably early stage. For example, if chlamydia is involved, the condom would turn green, yellow in herpes, violet in HPV and blue in syphilis. This works because of a special color of the gum, which reacts to certain cells that are produced during venereal diseases and discolored on contact. This diagnostic condom was invented by three British teenagers, Daanyaal Ali, Muaz Nawaz and Chirag Shah, who even won the TeenTech Award. However, the whole thing is just a concept and not yet on the market, but some condom manufacturers have already expressed their interest. Only the question remains: Does the other color only show up due to a disease of the wearer or can illnesses also be recognized by the other person? And what if both had an illness?