This happens when you eat 3 dates a day

There are people who hate dates and there are people who love dates. The latter are lucky, because these little brown things are real nutrient bombs. Not for nothing they are called "bread of the desert". Already 7000 BC Chr., People in the Middle East are said to have eaten dates. No wonder, because the fruit contains lots of vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber. Numerous studies have shown that dates are real immune boosters, have an anti-cancer effect and even have an analgesic effect.

But you do not have to eat tons of dates – three times a day is enough to benefit from it.

Here are 5 things that happen when you eat 3 dates each day:

1. digestion

You have, like so many women, problems with digestion? Dates contain plenty of fiber and bring your digestion back to life. By eating dates, you boost the number of intestinal bacteria that create balance in the gut, reducing the risk of colorectal cancer and hemorrhoids.

2. Immune system

Dates contain vitamins (A, B, K), iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, zinc, potassium and other important minerals. These ingredients provide a strong defense and bones.

3. Beautiful skin

The contained Vitamin A and K in dates also nourishes the skin and protects the eyes. The magnesium has an anti-inflammatory effect. If your skin has inflammatory areas, you should eat three dates a day and see what happens.

4. Energy boost

Who does not know this: Around 3 pm in the afternoon we suddenly get a fainting spell at work. We can hardly concentrate, feel tired and lethargic. Dates give you exactly the sugar you need now. Tip: It is best to eat before you get into this low.

5. allergies

Dates contain a high level of sulfur, which is known to relieve allergies. People with pollen allergies (hay fever), food allergies and allergies to house dust or pet dander should therefore regularly eat dates. Note: You should only eat fresh, plump fruits with soft, even wrinkles. Stay away from dates that smell strange or hard. Of course, the best are also untreated organic dates!