Tips for a sound sleep

Anyone who expires regularly, has less often to fight with sleep disorders. An exhausting workout in the late evening is counterproductive for falling asleep as it stimulates the circulation. Better: put on relaxing meditation and breathing exercises in the evening. Meditation and your breath help you to find inner peace and to forget the stress of everyday life. The flowing movements of tai chi are also perfect for switching off and recharging your batteries. Try this or 300 more fitness classes at the leading online gym, NewMoove, at your very own home, now for a week at Sleepkiller caffeine. Four to six hours before bedtime you should refrain from caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola or tea. They stimulate the heart and circulation and trigger sleep problems. Even smoking and alcohol are taboo late at night: nicotine has a stimulating effect on the brain and body, alcohol makes you tired, but causes nightmares problems. Dinner: The sooner the better. Avoid eating too much, too fat or too late in the evening. Heavy meals just before going to bed stress your stomach and intestines and disturb your sleep. The last larger meal should be taken at least three hours before bedtime! No to nap. As seductive as the thought of taking a nap after lunch is, sleeping more than 15 minutes during the day will make it harder for you to go to bed at night. In principle, you should only go to bed when you are really tired. And: Do not spend too much time in bed outside of bedtime – nightly tossing around is otherwise inevitable. Fresh air, please! For a healthy sleep, the right room temperature and fresh air are important! Ventilate the bedroom before going to bed again properly or let a window tilted at night. It should also be neither too warm nor too cold for you to sleep relaxed. Cool temperatures around 18 degrees are perfect for a good night's sleep. Create evening rituals. For example, signal to your body with an evening walk or reading that it's time to go to bed. Soothing teas with passion flower, catnip or chamomile also promote sleep and relax body and mind. Also great as a ritual before bedtime: writing down what happened during the day – that clears your mind! Pillows & Co. If the pillow is too high or too low, the head and spine are stored incorrectly at night. Sleep disorders, neck tension and headaches are the result. When buying a pillow, invest a bit more, for example in a neck support pillow. An individually adjustable slatted frame and a high-quality mattress prevent tension and resulting sleep problems. Have you become curious? Then try over 300 courses now for a week for free. Log in to our partner NewMoove and work out at home in front of your TV, PC or tablet. Try one week for free at