What helps against garlic breath?

Not only vampires have not much fun with garlic, even our fellow human beings, after we have a good portion of garlic bread or spaghetti aglio e olio plastered. Because after enjoying the g 'tasty tuber unfortunately inevitably follows the typical bad breath. When the otherwise very healthy plant is digested, its sulfur-containing components migrate into the organism and leave our body via the sweat glands and in the breath via the lungs. However, if you eat the following foods, this unpleasant side effect can be reduced: Eat an apple: fruits that turn brown on prolonged storage contain oxidizing enzymes that minimize the stinging sulfides of garlic. Drinking green tea: The green tea polyphenols also neutralize the sulfur substances. Bite into a lemon: Acid-containing with a pH below 3.6 leaves us twice as refreshed. Drinking Milk: To get rid of the bad breath produced by garlic, milk is best: this leaves up to 50 percent of the sulfur compounds disappear in the breath. Chewing on parsley: Plant chlorophyll is also an effective way of getting better breath after garlic consumption. The green colorant is, for example, edible in herbs.