What helps against gel engraving?

On the first days of summer there are white calves strolling through parks and hatching under coffee tables. A short time later, they are covered in red dots. The gel season has begun. From May to June, the Gelsen sting. Floods and floods in the warm season, the bloodsuckers multiply particularly fast. But do not worry, with a few precautions you can prepare yourself against the nasty gel engraving: mechanical repellent. As a reliable protection, experts recommend mechanical repellents such as gel lattices in front of the windows – insects and pollen protection are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. "This type of protection not only works reliably, because you do not have to constantly remember to cream or spray, but above all without any chemical nuggets and toxins," said Christian Klotzner, CEO of manufacturer Valetta. Chemical repellent. There are now countless anti-gels agents applied to the skin – from gels, sprays to roll-ons – that protect against the annoying blues suckers thanks to their chemical ingredients. In our latitudes an Icariden-containing agent is ideal. These are skin-friendly and protect from two to eight hours before the animals. For athletes gel products are suitable because they are waterproof and therefore more resistant to sweat. Another deterrent is Gelsenstecker. They fall under the category "electric evaporator" and permanently release insecticides into the room air. However, these can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. Home remedies. Hardly summer, the Gelsen us garb the cozy evening outdoors. These home remedies help: Rub a few drops of clove oil or lavender oil on the skin or place lime halves strewn with cloves on the table. Dress. The little tormentors like to land on dark clothes – therefore to brighter, continue to grab clothing. Or: To keep the vermin away, outdoor expert Columbia (columbiasportswear.at) has created textiles with built-in insect repellent. The substance is a substance from the chrysanthemum incorporated as a natural insect blocker. Shirt from € 59,95 in the specialized trade (also trousers). Clothes & Air Conditioning. Also, an air conditioner or a fan can help, as cold air makes mosquitoes stingy. That one should turn on no light near the body, is true. This attracts insects. In addition, you can hang a mosquito net and as long as the temperatures allow, protect you from them with long clothes. In addition, you can rub yourself with an insect repellent like Autan. But you should know that the action time is a maximum of six to eight hours and this agent is not waterproof.
First aid, if you are still stung: In advisory forums is also often suggested to tackle the Gelsenstich with a hot knife handle. We recommend against it: It leads rather to burns, than that it helps. Even with Tigerbalm, which is often traded on the Internet as a panacea for inflammation, you should be more careful. The balm has a high risk of contact allergies. The itching after gel engraving relieves lemon or onion juice. The physician advises to cool lotions and in case of an allergic reaction to antihistamine gels. Also has antiseptic effect, our saliva. It has anti-infective effects and also contains "proteases" (enzymes) that are able to break down insecticides. Important: To avoid infection, the gel stings should not be scratched. If the injection site swells despite lemon juice or spit strongly, hurts and inflamed, it is best to go to a doctor. Bacteria can cause the dangerous wound rose. There is a risk that the infection will spread throughout the body. Help here only offers treatment with antibiotics. And why are some of Gelsen stung more than others? Here's the answer!