What helps with cycle complaints?

The causes of menstrual pain can be manifold, so talk to your doctor about it. Cysts or endometriosis may be responsible for particularly severe symptoms. How much pain must be, is individually different, knows Dr. med. Beatrix Kulovits. At the latest, if you can not participate in normal life for one or more days a month, a visit to a doctor is announced. Massages.
If you do not want to resort to painkillers, stomach massages and hot water bottles help. Start at the navel in a circular motion, go outward in a clockwise direction. In the long term you can treat these cramps with shiatsu massages, preferably already in the days before the bleeding. Hormones.
Phytohormones, which are herbal, hormone-like substances, help to get the problems under control. Ideal is chaste tree, in the pharmacy there are various preparations. This therapy lasts for several months. If you use hormonal contraception for pain relief, make sure to use a pure progestogen (hormonal spiral, Nuva ring, hormone patch), which is usually better tolerated. Attention: Contraceptive methods such as copper coils or copper chains can increase the discomfort. Home remedies.
Women's mantle tea is an old secret recipe: drink 3-4 cups daily for several weeks. Per cup of teaspoon of cabbage (available at the pharmacy), boil with boiling water, infuse for 10 minutes.