Which breakfast type am I?

Eating in the morning like an emperor, according to an old saying, that gives the necessary energy for the day. However, many do not have time or hunger after getting up, or skip the meal to save calories. The result: They fall in the morning hungry for the next candy bar ago. The solution: Just have breakfast later! Because there is the right time for everyone to recharge their batteries for the day – and the right nutrition mix.
The nutritionist Claudia Nichterl (essenz.at) has explained the different types for us. Check out which one you recognize or try out the different variations to find your optimal breakfast.


Breakfast is a wholesome meal and should account for about 25-30 percent of the total calorie intake of the day. That is, you can really eat everything you want. From popular jam bread over fried eggs to soups, vegetable pans or roast leftovers from the day before, everything is possible, depending on your taste. 4-5 hours should we
be sick of this meal. How it looks ideally depends on the type of metabolism.

Food by type.

The carbohydrate type needs fast available energy from bread, cereal or porridge to be well fed. Since he is usually very active anyway, he can eat "felt" as much as he wants without putting anything on. In the protein type, on the other hand, this energy evaporates very quickly, it gets into a hunger spiral and then tends to eat constantly. Are you hungry again after a morning cereal? Then try an egg dish for breakfast, cook the porridge with milk instead of water, or pick smoked salmon, hummus or ham. Also, fat is important for this type, so let the fingers of lean products. They do not saturate you so well, supposedly saved calories get you later elsewhere. The mixed type is a combination of both.
No matter which category you belong to: always eat fruits and vegetables at breakfast. This provides the necessary fiber and vitamins.


The fact that this meal is called breakfast does not mean that it has to be eaten immediately after getting up. Many people just do not feel hungry in the morning, they need a while to get into gear. But you should eat at the latest before the stress of the day really starts, as Nichterl emphasizes. Otherwise, without the necessary fuel in the stomach, the metabolism immediately switches to stress, the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol. This confuses the digestion and thus the efficient utilization.

Do not give up.

Apart from the fact that the system can not work properly, a waiver of breakfast is also kalorientechnisch counterproductive. Some leave it out in the belief that eating this way will save a meal. But just before the day's work begins, be it physically or mentally, we need fuel so that the body can work properly. If nothing is delivered, he resorts to his reserves – and also switches to low flame. The result is that he stores more throughout the day. In addition, the saved calories are usually compensated with snacks, because just no proper satiety is present.

Hot food.

Quite unusual for us, there are many cultures in which in the morning, of course, a hot meal such as porridge or rice supper on the table. The gut then uses less energy to break down the food and can better focus on its tremendously important detoxification work. This can help with indigestion or bloated abdomen. A warm breakfast is also recommended by expert Nichterl to those who are feeling cold. Especially in winter this helps to regulate the body's heat balance better. I am the CARBOHYDRATE TYPE!
This is me. A so-called slow burners: utilizes carbohydrates ideally and can draw a lot of energy from them. They keep him fed for a long time. Mostly very active, rarely has weight problems.
I need. Bread, muesli with dried fruit, cereal porridge (eg from oats, polenta, millet), jam. But it should also be a soft egg or cream cheese and ham – the protein is important for the amino acids in the brain, so that the mind starts to work really well. Fruits and vegetables provide the necessary vitamins.
WOMAN-Tip. It does not always have to be bread with topping or croissant. Pancakes with fruit, couscous with vegetables or buckwheat blinis provide new taste sensations. I am the IDEAL TYPE!
This is me. Carbs evaporate immediately when fast burners, from the classic muesli or bread breakfast you are quickly hungry again. As a result, one eats too much, tends to weight problems.
I need. Sufficient protein and fat are essential. Soft or scrambled eggs, cereals with a lot of nuts and seeds, cream cheese, fat yoghurt, ham, smoked salmon, hummus. Beware of too many carbohydrates, they lead to the classic food cravings. Better a slice of bread, but thicker.
WOMAN-Tip. The breakfast may be a bit luscious. Research has shown that with a hearty breakfast, this guy eats less calories the rest of the day. I am the MIXTYP!
This is me. Burns the food very evenly and pulls out of both carbohydrates and protein the necessary. Rarely has weight problems.
I need. The classic Viennese breakfast with soft egg, ham or jam breadbread delivers both components. If there are still some fruits and vegetables for vitamins and fiber, everything is perfect. Balanced nutrition provides the body with the best possible care.
WOMAN-Tip. At breakfast you can let your imagination play. Allowed is what tastes and what you like. Why not even a chicken soup with a few noodles and whisked egg? The warmth in the stomach really gets your metabolism going. Here you will find great breakfast alternatives to take away.