Why are we always reaching for chocolate during the rule?

Please: If we suffer from stomach cramps, mild depression, and bloated abdomen, then all we need for consolation is a sugary tidbit that distracts us from our misery. Menstruation? Give us a bar of chocolate, but dalli! Most of us know these horrible chocolate cravings during our rule and deliberately bunker a large supply for the days around the days. But who knows why we ask for sweets during menstruation?

Why we have so much desire for sweets during menstruation!

Funnily, there is not just one thesis, but two. Both have something for themselves. THESIS: DEBT IS THE HORMONAL IMBALANCE. Thank you, dear hormones. At the beginning of the period, progesterone and estrogen levels drop. This ensures that we are basically hungry. In addition, the proportion of serotonin decreases while cortisol increases the stress level. Because our feel-good hormone is less strong, but the stress hormone is increasingly produced, we long for sugary foods that balance our serotonin levels and make us happier. Like addicts, we rummage through the candy drawer to give us a quick lucky kick. THESE: IT IS NOT THE HORMONE, BUT OUR HEAD. The second thesis states that our chocolate creams usually have no hormonal, but a purely psychological effect. This is at least proven by a study from 2004, in which the eating behavior of American and Spanish women was examined during the period. While the Americans actually mutated into chocolate tigers during menstruation, the Spaniards showed no increased need for sweets during this period. They did not use chocolate at a certain time of the month but regularly during the day during work. Therefore, the grasp to the chocolate is a learned and embossed behavior, so the conclusion of the researchers. The truth is probably in a mixture of both theses. Will that help us now? Well, at least a little. Sport and daylight also increase our serotonin levels. Why we can anticipate the cycle-related chocolate addiction with a little exercise in the fresh air …