Why does Alk get worse with age?

How do you remember the age? No, it's not the wrinkles and the small aches and pains. The first thing you notice is when a party night suddenly causes a three-day pain delirium. Previous: Happy holidays until dawn, sleep two hours, continue to the office. Today: Three Splashes – and Two Days Hangover (Here's the recipe for the best hangover cake). Are we just imagining it? Do we reconstruct the old times in the aftermath? Unfortunately, no. There is indeed a link between age and the breakdown of alcohol.


Why we no longer tolerate alcohol as we grow older

Every year, our metabolism changes and takes longer to regenerate. The functional capabilities of the nerve cells are reduced: we are suffering longer from illnesses, sore muscles – and, damn, even from a hangover. Party times are over. There is something more to it (yes – we are tormenting you now with information about your physical degradation!): The fluid content in your body cells is less. But it plays an important role in the reduction of alcohol. Also, the immune system is weakening, we produce fewer antioxidants that could counteract the harmful toxins of alcohol something. Because the enzymes are also getting smaller, our body needs more and more with age to flush out the gin tonic, the tequila or the hugo via the liver.

via GIPHY What does that mean? You're more intoxicated faster – but then suffer from a worse hangover. And something else comes to it: When we were young, we did not have so many duties, could allow ourselves more relaxation phases. With children and / or more responsible and demanding jobs, the night's sleep is less restful. Crap. So it's not just our subjective feeling when we have three days after a cocktail hour with the girls. We are actually … older.