Why you should eat the strawberry toppings

I have never done it differently. For the rest of my life, I cut off the green strawberry leaves and their tips. A myth from my childhood. The strawberry green is inedible, yes, even poisonous (please do not ask me where I got it from – but it was just always so imprinted).

Are strawberry leaves healthy or harmful?

It turns out now: strawberry leaves are in truth very healthy and even tasty. After a medical study they can relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and joint pain. They contain tannins and vitamin C, and are known for their astringent properties. The metabolism should also be stimulated by a strawberry leaf tea.

How do I process the strawberry leaves?

Fruit juice from strawberry leaves. Leave the freshly washed strawberry tops you did not use for dessert in a pitcher of water for half an hour. With a few slices of fresh cucumber or a splash of lemon juice you get a wonderfully refreshing summer drink. Extra strawberry pep in the salad. Crush the strawberry tops and simmer them in a pan with a dash of good white wine vinegar. After about a minute you can drain the strawberry brew, cool it and then process it for a good strawberry dressing. Strawberry leaves tea. Put fresh and dried strawberry leaves in boiling water and let simmer for about ten minutes. Remove the leaves before drinking! Smoothie. You'll throw everything into your blender tomorrow anyway. Celery, spinach, apple – why not the strawberry tops? Waste was yesterday. By the way, you read, where you can pick strawberries everywhere.