With these office tricks you avoid back pain

The summer holiday season is slowly coming to an end. For many, that's why it means: back to the desk chair! And anyone who works in an office knows the problem of sitting for hours at the same place. The resulting discomfort of the musculoskeletal system is common among 18 percent of the population. Therefore, how to keep his joints fit in the office and to prevent pain is revealed. Max B hler, Specialist in Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery.

1. Correct setting

"One of the most important prerequisites for keeping our bodies healthy is the correct setting of the office chair and desk", explains Dr. med. Boehler. The forearms should be able to lie comfortably on the table top and at a 90 degree angle when sitting upright. The same applies to the upper and lower legs – they too should be bent 90 degrees, while the feet always belong to the ground. The distance from the head or eyes and screen also plays a role. Optimal this is 50 to 70 inches away.

2. Use every opportunity

Too long sitting should be avoided and every opportunity for movement should be used. For example, phone calls or brief briefings are good for leaving the field. "Small pauses in between not only reduce skeletal and muscular dysfunctions, but also stimulate creativity," says dr. Boehler. It is also helpful not to place utensils within easy reach, so you also often short paths and moves. Tip: If you do not want to think about breaks yourself, you can either set an alarm clock, or install one of the numerous apps.

3. Small workout

As you know, you do not have much time for exercise in stressful office life, yet regular and short exercises effectively prevent back pain. Workout Tip:
Move office chair slightly away from the desk. Sit upright and put your feet firmly on the floor.
Clasp the hands behind the head.
Now turn the upper body as far as possible to the right and keep it short.
Then do the same on the left side.
Repeat the exercise five times on each side and finally shake your arms and shoulders loosely.

4. Food for the joints

Also, the proper diet during lunch break and in between can help to keep the musculoskeletal system supple. Who sits up to eight hours in front of the desk, should therefore refrain from high-calorie meals – because they are not easily digestible – and instead put on light fare. But you do not only have to resort to salad – light vegetables or fish dishes and soups are also digestible and saturate for a long time.