You can do that for your concentration

Enjoy a coffee break!
Some say coffee does not hurt them, but many of us know that coffee is our miracle cure. Whether a cup of coffee or tea, like a power snack – take your time and do not drink or eat on the way to an appointment, in the office or anywhere else. Take it easy and treat yourself to these few minutes. Then you will work much more focused – guaranteed! Fresh air is good!
If it allows your office or desk at home – sit down at a window. The natural daylight into a true energy provider and the fresh air is also good. If you do not have this option, you should allow yourself a little break. 5-10 minutes, once around the house, brings you back on its feet. To eat healthy food!
Do you know that too? Since you are very hungry, wait until it's finally noon and then it gets crowded, what the stuff holds. The problem: You get tired and tired and that is far from helpful for your concentration. It is better to snack on small snacks throughout the day and above all to pay attention to the "healthy diet". This not only does you, your digestion and the bikini figure well, but also the concentration. Omega 3 fatty acids are the absolute insiders' tip! Multitasking is bad!
We women are absolute masters in terms of "multitasking". But it's not very wise to do it all at once, even if we can. It is better, you take time for each task and once the one job is done, you devote yourself to the next. The plus point here: You can concentrate better on one thing and you avoid the feeling of acute overload. Mmmmh, how that smells!
Yes, this is the talk of scented candles. Certain fragrances make us more productive and focused. Cinnamon and peppermint, for example, stimulate the brain in a positive way, so that nothing stands in the way of successful work. Whether in the form of a scented candle or as a scented oil – give it a try!