Can you eat more – and lose weight?

We are not made for diets. Weighing everything, counting calories, cooking differently and shopping for complicated ingredients: let's hate even more. To renounce pleasure: Let's hate even more. Therefore, we are still looking for a method with which we can lose weight healthily (not radically) and, above all, in the long term. It does not have to be three kilos in a month, we have not been on the scales for a long time, since we've at least learned that body weight fluctuates by as much as two kilos throughout the day and in any case in connection with sports and the associated muscle growth zero informative value. We are doing exercise now. Check. Now it's about nutrition. And here we have discovered a new meta-analysis of 35 studies. And that has revealed: YOU CAN EAT MORE – AND TAKE IT OFF!

Eat more and lose weight: it all depends on the appetizer!

Yes. That's the result of the researchers. If you eat an appetizer made from fiber and water-rich foods, you will eat significantly less calories during the main meal. Wow. A role is played by the so-called "energy density". Energy density is the calories per gram or portion of a food. A particularly low energy density, for example, many fruits and vegetables but also boiled legumes such as beans or lentils. The stomach is then filled without having taken in many calories. This feeling of fullness makes us eat less at the main meal. And on average by 100 calories less.

What is the optimal appetizer for losing weight?

  • A fresh salad with a light dressing
  • A vegetable soup (without cream or cream fraiche!)
  • A fruit salad

This makes you feel full and take (in combination with movement of course!) By the way long term. The researchers found out even more. Because it behaves exactly the opposite. If you only eat a light breakfast with low carbohydrates in the morning, then you will have more appetite during the day and stuff more food into you faster. Why should you better focus on complex carbohydrates and protein in the morning if you do not want to be hungry? Optimal: scrambled eggs with salmon and avocado!